Best detox products

Best detox products

Synthetic urine reviews | Number 1 synthetic urine for drug test

In my pervious article I mentioned synthetic urine as a great way to pass a urine test releatively easily. The problem is there are many different brands out there and some are actually terrible and there is no way to pass a drug test with them, thats why its important to check out some synthetic urine reviews before buying anything. But be careful, always choose a legit blog for reviews because there are so many paid blogs and so many what gets some comission after every product sold.

Number 1 synthetic urine on the market: Sub Solution

In my opnion Sub Solution is the best synthetic urine (still) in 2017. Actually it was the best since it came out in 2004. The manufacturer of Sub Solution keep improving their product to pass any lab test wth ease. It contains 13 different chemicals, these are all essential to mimic real human urine.

Urea and uric acid is a must in 2017 because many lab test for these components. There is nothing in Sub Solution what wouldn’t be found in real urine, that makes it the best synthetic urine. Its also important to mention that it comes with heat activator powder, which makes the heating process so simple, no more microwave.

What if Sub Solution is not available?

There is not much negative things I can tell of Sub sOlution, the only downside is its not available in shops, the only way to get it to order online, this is why many (and because of the advertisements all over the internet) prefer Quick Fix Synthetic urine. Quick fix is a great quality fake urine and in most cases it will do the job just as good as sub solution, but it doesn’t contains all the chemicals what Sub Solution does.

For a simple dipstick test, Quick Fix will do the job and you will pass it with flying color, but for a more serious lab test I wouldn’t use anything else than Sub Solution. But again, in most cases Quick Fix will work, lets say its a simple pre employment drug test in Walmart, Quick Fix will help.

Fake urine brands to avoid

fake urine to avoid

There are so many low quality synthetic urine on the market as I mentioned before, I don’t wanna write a full list of synthetic urine brands what do not work.

My simple advise is to do not use anything else then Sub Solution, Quick fix 6.1 or monkey whizz.

Everything else is crap, there is no reason to experiment with other brands. U pass for instance has a terrible rap, as bad as magnum synthetic urine, Agent X, P sure, Klean Stream urine or X stream synthetic urine.

The only reason why people keep buying these crappy fake urines is because they are cheaper than a quality synthetic urine and because the internet is full with fake synthetic urine reviews, sponsored articles and stuff like that.

Even amazon reviews can be fake, did you know that sellers can easily purchase verified reviews for their product? Its not even expensive….Thats why I suggest you to be careful with these reviews, use your brain and do not belive everything what other people say.

Best detox products

Fastest way to pass a drug test | No detox!

The fastest way to pass a drug test is using some detox products to mask THC metabolites in your system or using synthetic urine which mimics real human urine, the only differance is its crstal clear without any toxins. There are a lot of videos and articles that say you can get weed out of your system as fast as 24 hours and pass any urine test, but let me tell you something its fake.

These are great clickbait titles, but in the reality there is no way to flush THC out from your body in such a short period of time. The best what you can do is to find a product or method to hide drug metabolites in your system and fool the drug test, I will shed some light on these methods in this article.

How to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours, if the test is unsupervised

synthetic urine brandsThe best and easiest way to pass an unsupervised urine test within a day or even less is using synthetic urine.

The best synthetic urine brands are completely undetectable, the drug test should be some kind of very special and expensive test to see its synthetic urine.

If you apply to the FBI then you might be in trouble, but if you wanna get normal job or if you are on probation, then synthetic urine will do the job in 99.9% cases.

There are two ways to fail with synthetic urine:

  1. The sample is not on the right temperature
  2. You bought some cheap shit fake urine in your local headshop

These are the tipical mistakes, what newbies does. Its kinda easy to keep urine on the right temperature, it should be betwen 94-98, if its a big hotter its still good, but do not go over 100.

Once its done, wrap the bottle with heating pads and go to the lab to submit your fake urine sample. Every quality synthetic urine brand provides instructions. You should also check some synthetic urine reviews and take the veteran users advices.

Best synthetic urine brands for drug test

The best synthetic urine brands are the following:

  1. Sub Solution
  2. Quick fix (latest formula)
  3. Monkey Whizz

Do not use any other synthetic urine for drug test if you don’t want to get disappointed. These brands have excellent reputations, if you look for synthetic urine reviews you will see these brands has the best ratings. I highly suggest you to order 1-2 bottles of urine in advance in case you have a random drug test and you need a fast and safe solution immediately. Shipping might takes a couple of days, so its always better to be safe than sorry.

Best way to pass a drug test in one day if the test is supervised

marijuana cleansing drinksSupervised drug test means someone will escort you to the testingroom and stand behind you while you are peeing.

Its still possible to use synthetic piss, but it requires a device called synthetic urine belt and you need nervs of steel to use it, to be honest in this case I wouldn’t recommend using synthetic urine.

In this scenario the best what you can do it to get some good quality THC detox drink or as they are often called marijuana cleansing drink.

The best is Rescue cleanse, but Mega clean has also very good reviews and the ratings is also good.

They have several products suchas :Instant clean, XXXtra clean and ultra clean. I have never used this brand so I can not really recommend, but I advise you to do some research.

Qcarbo 32 has also very good rep, its recommended for heavy smokers with larger body mass, The fatter you are the bigger you need. Even if you are not a heavy weed user, if your bodyfat percentage is high then you will need the bigger 32OZ bottle.

My go to Marijuana cleansing drink

Rescue cleanse is my favourite and I have used it three times in the last 4 years and never let me down. It also has two option a bigger 32OZ and a smaller 16Oz, depends on your smoking habits, metabolism and body type.

I suggest you to take the bigger one, and if you are not on tight budget, then buy a box of Toxin Rid detox pills, its a great cleansing suplement. It will increase your chances dramatically.